I would like to ask if JVR AGENCY would be interested in signing us.

Physically send us a comprehensive promotional package to our mailing address. -A full contact adress (name, adress, phone, fax or e-mail)
-A biography of the band.
-Everything that is worth to know about your product and band.
-At least one photo showing the latest line-up.
-Physically copies of your releases We do not accept promotional packages via email. If we see the potential and you have a burning desire to work hard by yourself we will contact you. Dont call us, we call you! Promotional packages: JVR AGENCY OY Toivolankuja 4 C 14 90460, FINLAND

We are interested in colloboration

Thank you for your interest! Tell us extensively what kind of cooperation you would like to have with us or with our representations. If you are a promotional company and you want us to pay for your services let us know how we and our artists would benefit. Contact us: joonas@jvragency.com

How to book a band?

Contact us and tell us about your event Basically, we are interested in all events and will be happy to negotiate with you. Contact us: joonas@jvragency.com

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