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Noumena (est. 1998, Ähtäri, Finland) have offered their distinctive and unique view of melodic death metal on five full-length albums so far. They will release their new album Anima on the 4th of September 2020. Rarely there is a better soundtrack at hand for the approaching autumn than this album, lingering amid heavy, dark and slow waters. The upcoming album presents the darkest and the most melancholic Noumena so far. Band’s unique style to weave wistful melodies is present once again. The songs offer glimpses of Finnish folk music and old schlager fortified with merciless and heavy base. The distinctive
feature of Anima is melancholy and serenity.




Antti Haapanen – Growls
Suvi Uura – Vocals
Markus Hirvonen – Guitars, Vocals
Ville Lamminaho – Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
Tuukka Tuomela – Guitars
Hannu Savolainen – Bass
Ilkka Unnbom – Drums

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Joonas Rinne


+358 40 9343242

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