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Three Star Riot are a Finnish punkabilly band formed in late 2018. The band’s line-up is Tuomas Julku (vocals, guitar), Jere Peurasaari (double bass, vocals) and Oscar Suovaniemi (drums).


Julku and Peurasaari began their collaboration in 2013 when Julku joined Peurasaari’s then band TimeKillers (Dead City Dreams, 2015). They bonded over common love for Australian band The Living End and ever since then a three-piece punkabilly band has been their mutual dream project.

Finally in late 2018 the time was right to start working on the dream since TimeKillers was drawing into hiatus. Suovaniemi, Julku’s ”son-from-school” was asked to join in the drums and the line-up was ready. 


After slow-and-steady working in 2019 the band played its first show in February 2020. It all seemed to come to a sudden stop when the pandemic began to wreak havoc in Finland. During lockdown the band decided to make the best out of the situation and work hard on their material and live performance. When things got a little better concerning the pandemic the band was able to hit the stage again in fall 2020. It was then decided that ”Sorry” and ”Where Have You Gone?” would be the first singles the band releases. 


During October and November the band worked solely towards releasing the songs in December. And here we are: ”Sorry” sees the world in December 4th and ”Where Have You Gone?” December 11th. They were followed with four more singles during spring and summer of 2021. Of those four singles ”Times Like These” also included a music video.


After the world slowly started to open up during the summer of 2021 it was time for the boys to hit the stages. With a steady stream of shows they’ve been conquering the hearts of those who’ve come to see them play live.


And the story has just begun…

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